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Daylesford Spirit Sloe Gin Hot Toddy

Daylesford Spirit Sloe Gin Hot Toddy

Author: A.P Studio


Daylesford Spirit hot toddy recipe

Daylesford Spirit Sloe Gin Hot Toddy


  • 25mls Daylesford Spirit Sloe Gin

  • 150mls Cloudy apple juice

  • Cloves

  • Cinnamon sticks

  • Star anise

  • Orange


Mug of choice


  • Add your apple juice to a pan in addition to all your spices and orange.
  • Warm for 5-10 minutes until fragrant. Add more orange if you prefer you drinks sweeter
  • Pour your shot of Daylesford Spirits Sloe Gin into your mug and then ladle in your mulled apple juice.
  • Stir gently and garnish.

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