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Sustainability strategy

Sustainability is integral to our operations at Daylesford Spirits, with a constant focus on minimising our carbon footprint. We generate power through solar and battery energy, use energy-efficient tools, and source locally from sustainable growers, recycling by-products like botanicals. We understand water is our most precious resource and it undergoes triple filtration from locally harvested sources, emphasising reduced consumption and effective reuse. Recycling is central to our ethos; we recycle all packaging and incentivize customers to return bottles for a 5% discount. Our long-term commitment extends to partnerships with organisations sharing our community-centric values, reflecting our pride in a sustainable footprint with minimal impact on the land we call home.


We embody the soul of the Daylesford community and the surrounding natural beauty.


We are proud of our sustainable footprint and the minimal impact we have on the land and community in which we cohabitate.

award winning

We are proudly an internationally recognised award winning distillery.