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Daylesford Spirit meticulously handcrafts gins using premium, fresh organic ingredients to craft a distinctive spirit. Our gins cater to connoisseurs and those new to the world of gin, offering a diverse range from traditional gin, to our flavoured blueberry gin with hints of juniper and citrus. As time passes, we aspire to evolve our gins, captivating a broad spectrum of gin enthusiasts, from seasoned lovers to newfound admirers.


Daylesford Spirit's vodka is born from a cherished family recipe, rooted in Russian tradition but infused with a local touch that mirrors our community. The pristine local water contributes to a smooth and sensorially rich vodka. Say goodbye to bland vodkas and explore what Daylesford Spirit brings to the table.


Our whisky production is in full swing, promising a distinctive spirit steeped in history. Employing traditional single malt methods and local ingredients, our whisky undergoes maturation in port, bourbon, and wine barrels, resulting in a familiar yet uniquely Daylesford expression. While our whisky ages to perfection, consider joining our barreling program for a personalised touch in the world of spirits. Your own cask awaits, offering a glimpse into the craftsmanship of Daylesford Spirit whisky.

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We embody the soul of the Daylesford community and the surrounding natural beauty.


We are proud of our sustainable footprint and the minimal impact we have on the land and community in which we cohabitate.

award winning

We are proudly an internationally recognised award winning distillery.