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Whisky Barrelling Program

Sale price$100.00 AUD

Join the Daylesford Spirit Whisky Barrelling Program and Mature your own Barrel of Daylesford Spirit Whisky.

Our whisky production is currently underway to bring you a unique spirit crafted in history, bottling one of the most famous whisky regions of the world.

Secure your place in the program by paying a $100 deposit. *

Daylesford Spirit whisky is currently being barrelled and aged to perfection, and we are delighted to offer to a special few, the opportunity to own your own parcel of whisky that has been crafted from Daylesford ingredients and matured in casks from the surrounding regions. 

“This is a truly unique whisky experience”

Daylesford Spirit will handcraft the single malt spirit using local premium grains and water, which will be ready for enjoyment in 18 months' time.

You will be provided with a certificate of ownership of your own cask which are supplied from the neighboring regions to bring a level of personalisation to your whisky.

The spirit can be finished in the last year of maturation in your choice of 4 barrels and will be available in 3 sizes; 20L, 50L, and 100L.

We welcome you to visit your cask during the maturation period to monitor its process after the first 3-6 months where you can taste your spirit, learn the process behind the creation, and put your signature on the cask. Once your whisky has matured you then have 3 options, you can choose to take the barrel as a whole, decant it into a vat or it can be bottled with your own personally designed bottle, working with our design team, to share with your friends and family.

Click here for more information on the barrelling program. Secure your place in the program by paying a deposit. *

*Paying a deposit will secure your place in the Daylesford Spirit Whisky Barrelling Program. Upon payment, we will email you with all the information you need. If you decide the program isn’t for you, this deposit is 100% refundable. 

Whisky Barrelling Program
Whisky Barrelling Program Sale price$100.00 AUD