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Our Story

bottling the spirit of the communtiy

Beyond crafting exceptional distilled spirits, we are capturing the essence of Daylesford itself—the uniqueness and charm of this special place. Daylesford is a special place and serves as our muse. Endowed with a pristine environment, an abundance of natural spring water and divine scenery, a proud culture and a thriving artisanal scene. We're dedicated to distilling this essence into a unique experience, using the finest local ingredients such as water from the Mount Franklin region, regional grains, and organic botanical fruits. Daylesford Spirit takes pride in producing small batches of premium, handcrafted spirits that reflect the spirit of the community and the surrounding environment.

Daylesford Spirit honour and respect the heritage woven into the fabric of this remarkable place and would like to recognise and pay respect to the traditional owners of the land, the Dja Dja Wurrung people.

The Distillery

Our distillery is conveniently located just a seven-minute drive from Daylesford, Victoria, in the picturesque Central Highlands, adjacent to the scenic Mount Franklin. Embark on a day trip from Melbourne to explore the charms of Daylesford, or extend your stay to savour the local bars and restaurants, including renowned establishments like Sault Restaurant, Beppe Kitchen & Bar, The Surly Goat, and the historic Royal Daylesford Hotel. Indulge in a meal paired with a drink and don’t forget to ask for Daylesford Spirit Gin/Vodka in your cocktails. For those on a road trip, Daylesford is less than an hour's drive from Bendigo and Ballarat. Drop by to immerse yourself in the spirit of the community and enjoy the unique offerings of our beautiful town.

For those on a day trip, explore Daylesford's many attractions and be sure to savor its local bars and restaurants. We highly recommend treating yourself to a meal at renowned establishments like Sault Restaurant, Beppe Kitchen & Bar, The Surly Goat, and the historic Royal Daylesford Hotel. Don't forget to inquire about Daylesford Spirit Gin or Vodka for a special addition to your cocktails.

If you're embarking on a road trip, Daylesford is conveniently located within an hour's drive from both Bendigo and Ballarat. Take the opportunity to visit and immerse yourself in the vibrant spirit of the community.

meet our team

team spirits


For more than 35 years, Michael has helped build and grow many businesses and has now turned his experience and collaborative style to this new passion project. After travelling to Scotland in 2010 and visiting many distilleries, the desire for starting a distillery at home was born. When Michael moved to the Daylesford region in 2020, he realised this was the perfect place to establish a community focused distillery, given the magnificent natural resources and local produce of Mount Franklin. Michael is dedicated to crafting spirits that are synonymous with the town of Daylesford, especially now that he is a proud and active member of the local community.


Jace has spent more than nine years at a prominent Melbourne-based distillery, including six years as the Head Distiller, where he was instrumental in the development of their whisky and gin ranges. Jace recently saw the light and joined the Daylesford Spirit team, seeing an opportunity to be involved in something community-focused and special. Jace brings his extensive knowledge and hands-on experience making, and collaborating on the development of our spirits, helping to ensure they are high-quality and well-crafted products.


We embody the soul of the Daylesford community and the surrounding natural beauty.


We are proud of our sustainable footprint and the minimal impact we have on the land and community in which we cohabitate.

award winning

We are proudly an internationally recognised award winning distillery.