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Breakfast Gin

Breakfast Gin

Author: A.P Studio


Daylesford Spirit Breakfast gin cocktail

Breakfast Gin

It's simple, delicious and almost counts for your 2 and 5. The Breakfast Gin Cocktail is a refreshing way to enjoy a morning cocktail... not that we ever needed an excuse to have a glass of gin in the morning.



  • 100mls Apple juice (cloudy preferred)
  • 50mls Daylesford Spirit Chardonnay Gin
  • Ice
  • Slice of apple to garnish


Short tumbler


  • Pack glass with lots of ice.
  • Pour 50mls of Chardonnay Gin over ice.
  • Pour 100mls of apple juice of choice over gin to top.
  • Top with slice of apple to garnish.

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