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Vanilla Vodka

Sale price$58.00 AUD

We are bottling the spirit of Daylesford: the very things that make the area unique and special. Expertly made spirits, showcasing native ingredients derived from the waters of Mount Franklin, the rejuvenating environment, and the local artisanal food producers.

Building upon the foundation of our premium vodka, renowned for its crystal clarity reminiscent of nearby pristine waters, this variant adds a delightful twist to your palate. Infused with creamy hints of vanilla bean, it exudes an inviting aroma that evokes the comfort of a home made dessert, all derived from locally sourced grains. Upon sipping, the experience unfolds with a luxurious smoothness, revealing the nuanced sweetness of vanilla intermingled with a delicate caramel-like finish. This Vanilla Vodka is not just a spirit; it's a journey, transforming your cocktails into indulgent experiences.


Vanilla Vodka
Vanilla Vodka Sale price$58.00 AUD