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Limited Release Bling Gin

Sale price$45.00 AUD

SOLD OUT! Due to high demand we have now sold out of Bling Gin. 
We are bottling the spirit of Daylesford, the very things that make the area unique and special. Our gins are hand-crafted from start to finish using pure water harvested on our Mount Franklin property along with carefully selected, locally grown ingredients.

With a base of Daylesford Spirit Australian Dry Gin with edible glitter.

Following the tradition of a classic London Dry, this spirit boasts an unmistakable essence of earthy spices and juniper notes. A subtle touch of aniseed gives way to the lively citrusy undertones in the middle of the palate. It's a bold yet exceptionally smooth gin that appeals to both seasoned gin enthusiasts and newcomers to the gin scene. This is a unique representation of the flavours that the Daylesford region provides.
350ML/ 45%ALC.VOL.